An Unwanted Ending

The process of falling in love and getting married is generally introduced to children within the realm of fairy tales, and it should give those experiencing it a sense of wonder. Selecting another person to share a lifetime of happiness with strong emotional bonds is a time when people should celebrate. There are times when two people find out they are not quite suited to each other, or just one of them could make that decision. When a partner asks for a divorce and their spouse disagrees, an unwanted ending might turn into the battle of a lifetime between the pair.

Not an affair

There are plenty of times in life when one person in a marriage cheats, but the reason for divorce is not an affair in all cases. Some people simply find that life with their partner is unendurable, and they seek to end the relationship. It can be very difficult for the person who loves them to understand why they have fallen out of love, and it could even be that the partner seeking divorce has not. Confusion can cause even more hurt when there are no answers available, so the person who has chosen to end their relationship should at least take the time to understand why they want to do it.

Always fighting

There are many marriages where the couple has plenty of disagreements, but they can degenerate into arguments after only a short time. Those who are always fighting about even the smallest parts of their lives might find divorce a welcome alternative, but they should first figure out why there is such a lack of agreement between them. If they leave this important relationship without knowing what caused the original rift, they might repeat the same mistake with someone else. Taking an honest look at what caused the rift might not heal their own relationship, but it is a final gift they can give each other before moving on in life.

Facing the truth

There are some people who enter into a marriage with little or no thought of being faithful, and they could have many affairs or flings. When their partner suddenly realizes what is going on, they could be deeply hurt. Facing the truth in this situation can be painful, but understanding that the cheating partner was never able to form an exclusive bond could be helpful. The partner who was betrayed could have a better life when the relationship is over if they know it was nothing they did that made their partner cheat.

There are many reasons for ending a marriage, but few of them are easy for those who suffer emotional pain. Even the person asking for the divorce could find deep wounds if they do not understand why they have chosen to walk away from someone they truly love. Those who have never been faithful are ruining someone else’s life, but they are also creating a lack of happiness in their own. A good gift for the partners to give each other before they split is realizing why the relationship did not work out so they can move forward in their emotional lives.