Two Pieces of Driftwood

Habits can be good or bad, and they are often nothing more than shortcuts people use to get through life easier. For couples, they might become good habits because the pair can use them to spend more time together. Most people tend to drift with the tides of life, and a couple who does this might find they have become two pieces of driftwood that are being slowly separated as eddies in the waters of life move them to far distant shores. It can make a wreck of their marriage before they realize it, and they will have to work hard to come back to each other before they wash upon the rocks of divorce.

A slow separation

Life has always been busy for people with ambition or too much work, but those who depend on ingrained habits to keep them afloat could find they are being dragged away from their partner without realizing it. The habit of checking their email during meals could be a great way to save time in the rest of their day, but a slow separation could be happening without notice. Their partner might feel unappreciated, or they could develop their own isolating habits to cover up their feelings of neglect. These actions could lead to divorce if the couple fails to realize what they are doing to each other.

Different directions

While the ocean looks like one large body of water always flowing in harmony, there are tides under the surface going in different directions. Relationships can be the same way on the surface, but couples can be very different underneath. One person might be ambitious enough to rule the world, but their partner might only want to be able to relax with no cares. They might have been drifting together for years when a sudden change occurs, and those who are not looking could find they are suddenly separated by what they want for the future. Reconciliation could be possible, but a lot of work will have to happen first.

Swept back together

There are many times when tragedy has brought even the most emotionally distant couples into agreement, but being swept back together in this manner is not always a path to marital happiness. They might find they can work with each other for the duration, but their time away from each other has left them with few emotional ties. There will be a lucky few who can use this to avoid an eventual divorce, but other couples will find that the tides of life bringing them closer are not a permanent solution to their lack of interest in being a couple.

Forming good habits at the beginning of a marriage might seem like an excellent idea, but they can be a way for two people to start drifting away from each other. Living in the moment makes people appreciate what they have, and it can help couples continue to strengthen their emotional bonds to each other. Those who choose to let the tides of life rule their world might find that they only lead to divorce in the end.